A comprehensive system for ordering food from the comfort of your home

Offer your customers something more than others

MAYA Takeout is a comprehensive system for ordering food from your restaurant, pizza or fast food from home, from work, anywhere where hungry customers. Customers can easily and clearly aware of your offer, they choose what they taste a few clicks you can order a meal.

You as the operator have an overview of the orders, you can easily add and edit meals without any knowledge of HTML or programming.

Loyal customers can offer a loyalty . Some dishes can be assigned, for example, several attachments and the customer chooses the right, to which the taste. Pizza can assemble to your liking, you may add or remove material. If such operations have an impact on price, so it now sees without any complicated recalculation.

Administration is not only friendly, but also simple and functional. Everything in it easy to adjust to your liking.

The icing on the cake is the English localization with the possibility of extension to other languages and other front-end templates. For multilingual version it is also possible to translate into multiple languages for all meals.


View the home page, categories and food categories

(depends on the template)

The customer sees menu with categories, each category is an abbreviated description and the food categories with an abbreviated description and price.

Logged customer sees if the food contains some of the allergens that you set in your account at meals exclamation point for the warning that is not best for him.

Furthermore there is a search box for meals and categories with whisperer.

The important part is the cart which is described below.

View food detail

On the detail page is a photo of food meal, full description, price, and for some customers an important allergen information.

Since it is an ordering system, so can not miss the button to add to the cart including a selection of numbers.

Some foods can enable customers to make them ourselves, "modified" or "compiled" according to your taste. For example, for pizzas, you can enable the add or remove ingredients (cheese, olives...) for steak doneness choose peace, choose a kebab with dressing...

Any adjustment will be reflected immediately on the price, so the customer can see immediately how much it follows the assembled dish will cost. When it does not need to click on a button that no conversion.

Block with cart

Block displays all the food in basket with the photo thumbnails and link to the detail of food. Further, the food displays and price of each added attributes.

In cart can change the number of meals and food removed. Each change is immediately reflected back without any complicated recount.

If the customer adds to the shopping cart next meal, which already has in cart, is only adjusted number. If customer add the same food but with different attributes, food is added as a new item.

Order completion

Before sending the order, it is necessary that the customer subscribes or create an account.

After logging in, the customer can choose to select from several delivery address (adding addresses, see. below), or personal collection (if enabled).

If enabled loyalty program, so customers receive a discount in the shopping cart, to which he is entitled under the level at which it was given.

In addition to the addresses it is still possible to adjust the number of meals, or remove them from the cart. It is also possible to select the delivery date and add note to order.

Before sending it must agree to terms and conditions.

After sending the order, the customer is delivered by e-mail with the details of the order.

Customer account

In managing customer account you can edit contact information, change your password and add individual addresses (ie. home, work ...).

Entering multiple addresses makes it easier to follow orders because the customer simply selects from the list the address to which you want to import food.

In addition to editing the customer account is the ability to view all orders and to monitor their condition, which is expressed colors (red - new, yellow - processed, green - finished).


On the orders page displays all orders that can filter by status, customer name, the date on which the receipt is required.

The table is automatically renewed every 30 seconds.

Every order can be opened to view details and print, or delete or change its status.

Order statuses are distinguished by colors (red - new, yellow - processed green - finished), so at a glance you can see what condition the order.

They are planned for both Windows and Android applications running in the background tracking new orders, with whom do not miss any order.


On page shows all customers, including the group to which it belongs (if active loyalty program), the number and amount of orders.

The customer can customize, including his address, change status (enable, disable) or delete them.

Editing foods

On page editing foods can add and edit all foods.

For foods are filling the name, description, url, price, is classified in the appropriate category, add photos and set attributes that consumers will be able to choose from when ordering food (adding ingredients for pizza, steak doneness...).

To add a photo, it is necessary to add food first and then open it for editing.

The important part is the selection of allergens that the food contains. Contents of allergens in EU entry obligations.

Editing food categories

On the editing categories of foods it can add and edit all categories.

In the category you can fill in the name, description, url, select a parent category and add a photo category.

Category can be moved either by modifying the parent category in the edit form or directly by moving the mouse in the list of categories.

Editing food attributes

Food attributes are additional food features that are shown in detail their selection of food and somehow affects the whole food and can also have an impact on the price of food.

Attributes are 4 types. Each has a different characteristic and the choice of the customer.

  • checkbox - checkboxes to choose multiple options (eg. adding ingredients for pizza)
  • select - box to select one option (eg. steak doneness)
  • info - for information only without selecting options (eg. the package price if you do not use a uniform price see below)
  • num - box for adding the number of pieces (eg. the number of dumplings as an attachment)

It can create unlimited attributes and each attribute value indefinitely.

For each value, it can select which will affect the value of the prize (decrease, increase, no).


It is possible to set up administrator e-mail (the address of which is sent to e-mails), transport price + free shipping above a certain price order, the method of accounting rates for packaging (uniform price for each meal, one amount for the entire order, individual price for individual meals).

You can also set a loyalty program, contact information, template, currency, time distribution, change the default language, password, install additional front-end template and language.

In addition, you can edit the text in the mail (it may be worth advertising messages, special offer... which is added to every sent mail), introductory text, terms and conditions.


All functions MAYA TakeOut can freely try out at When you first visit the demo created with a unique address. Just complete the installation, where you can choose if you want to install the demo data. Then you can without any limitations make reservations, change settings, just do whatever you can MAYA Book really try and not buy a pig in a poke. Demo automatically after 48 hours deleted.

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